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PulmoSpheres – A Novel Pulmonary DrugDelivery System

The development of an inhalant therapy that is efficacious and safe depends not only on a pharmacologically active molecule, but also on a well-designed delivery system and formulation. It is the optimization of the whole system (drug, drug formulation and device) that is necessary for the successful development of inhalation therapies, both new and old, for the treatment of local and systemic diseases. Drug–device combinations must aerosolize the drug in the appropriate particle size distribution and concentration to ensure optimal deposition and dose in the desired region of the lung.

As more efficient pulmonary delivery devices and sophisticated formulations become available, physicians and health professions will have a choice of a wide variety of device and formulation combinations that will target specific cells or regions of the lung, avoid the lung's clearance mechanisms and be retained within the lung for longer periods.The more efficient, user-friendly delivery devices may allow for smaller total deliverable doses,decrease unwanted side-effects and increase clinical effectiveness and patient compliance.

PulmoSpheres – A Novel Pulmonary Drug Delivery System
Prasanth .S