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Is your brain smarter than you? Comprehensive study guidelines for students and staffs

Hygeia.J.D.Med.Vol.2 (2), 2010,1-9.

Author: Vinod.K.R, Sandhya.S.

Nalanda College of Pharmacy, Charlapally, Nalgonda, A.P. 508001, India.

Today’s world is a survival of the best policy, competitive spirit is exhibiting new
faces not only students but also among teaching staffs. This article is in pursuit of
understanding students academic problems which hinder their success and also
what can be done to achieve better. This is a wide spectrum of information for both
teachers and students who seek better academic performance. This article
gives a detailed review of problems and their solutions. Survey shows students
faces problems in effort input, recollection and presentation. Discussion of
preparation and examination guidelines also is included. This article is will not
provide magical remedies for any study problems, assures fruitful successful steps
to be taken and executed in a simple manner. Ironically it is found that students
face more problem is recollection and presentation rather than not able to study.
Key words: peripheral vision, image visualization, procrastination, sleep apnea,
mind mapping.

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