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Effect of microwave drying in improving granule characteristics in tablets
Hygeia.J.D.Med.Vol.2 (2), 2010, 8-13 

Type of article: research article

Author: Deepthi Shyju.


Pushpagiri College of Pharmacy , Medicity campus , Perumthuruthy (P.O) , Tiruvalla , Kerala , India - 689107 . 

Article history: 

Received: 20 June 2009,
Revised: 17 January 2010,
Accepted:  15 April 2010,
Available online: 20Sep.2010


In this  study, Paracetamol was used as the model drug and the granules were prepared by  microwave technique and fluid bed drying technique. The granules prepared by microwave technique and fluid bed drying technique were evaluated for parameters such as amount of fines, drying time, bulk density,compressibility,angle of repose etc.The data indicated that the granules retained their structure in comparison with the conventional drying process. The prepared granules were compressed into tablets and evaluated for hardness, friability, disintegration, and dissolution etc.

Keywords: Paracetamol tablets, Microwave drying, fluid bed drying

Article outline:

1.  Introduction
Formulation of granules
3.  Evaluation of granules
  3.1. Percentage of fines
  3.2. Moisture content determinations
  3.3. Bulk density
  3.4. Compressibility
  3.5. Flow properties
4.  Preparation of tablets
5.  Results and discussion
6.  Conclusion
7.  References

Graphical outline:

(In Vitro dissolution profiles of two batches of tablets prepared by microwave and F.B.D methods)

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