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Pharmacological Evaluation of Ayurvedic Preparations for their Antidiabetic Property
Hygeia J. D. Med. Vol.1 (1) 2009, 23-25
(ISSN 0975 6221)

Type of Article 
Research Article

Muralidharan . P1, Sai Sabari 2*  , Elizabeth . M . Abraham 2

1. SriChattanathakarayalar College of Pharmacy, Tenkasi 
2. Crescent College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Madayipara, Payangadi, Kannur, Kerala


  Adult albino rats (150-250 gms) injected with alloxan (15mg/kg i.p.) was divided into four groups of six each. One group served as control, second group treated with Pramehaoushadhi Choorna (1 gm/kg), third group treated with Nishakathakathadhi Choornam (1gm/kg) and fourth group was treated with Glibenclamide . All the animals were fasted for 18 hours before administering the drugs. Blood glucose level was st nd th th th estimated at intervals of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 hours. At the end of the study, Nishakathakathadhi Choornam showed more effacious response against alloxan-induced diabetes mellitus when compared to Pramehaoushadhi Choornam.

Keywords: Nishakathakathadhi Choornam (NKKC), Pramehaoushadhi Choornam (PRAM), Antidiabetic, Ayurvedic preparation

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