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Skin Ageing and its Remedies: A review
Hygeia.J.D.Med.6 (1) 2014; 1-5.

Pratibha Nand* and Poornima Riyal

Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Pharmacy, Delhi, India.

Article History: Received: 6 November 2013,   revised: 4 December 2013,accepted: 15Jan 2014, Available online: 3April 2014


Plan: This review mainly focus on various mechanisms and treatment strategies for skin ageing.

Preface: Skin ageing is a complex biological phenomenon consisting of extrinsic ageing and intrinsic ageing. The process of extrinsic ageing ageing commonly called photo aging, involves changes in cellular biosynthetic activity which leads to gross disorganisation of the dermal matrix whereas intrinsic skin ageing of skin derived cells.

Outcome: The paper highlights strategies for treatment of skin ageing which causes reduction in proliferative capacity leading to cellular senescence, and altered biosynthetic activity.

Keywords: Skin ageing, Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Radiations, Free radicals.  

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Citation::Pratibha N and Poornima Riyal. Skin ageing and its remedies: a review. Hygeia.J.D.Med 2014; 6(1):1-5. Available from http://www.hygeiajournal.com / Article ID- Hygeia.J.D.Med/115/14.  DOI:10.15254/H.J.D.Med.6.2014.115

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