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EDITORIAL : Indian Journals and the Tyranny of Impact Factor


Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University,Manipal 576 104 INDIA

2014; Vol.6 (1):1-3.

There was a time when fairly descriptive accounts were considered good enough to evaluate people, situations and outcomes.  But not anymore! The clamour for transparency, accountability and equal opportunity have increased the democratic burden in the dispensation of justice. In India,for instance, it has become essential to rank a candidate’s entrance examination scores down to the second or third decimal for allotting a medical seat. 


Such absurd demands for accuracy in day to day transactions brings to my mind a good friend of mine, back home in my village, who depended on agriculture for his livelihood. He used to sport a curious vintage HMT watch, (analog of course)with only the hour hand. For some reason, he had not bothered to replace the broken minute hand. When I asked him why, he said that minutes do not matter to a farmer. “We think in seasons... I do not even need a watch. A calendar is more than enough to work in the farm. “

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