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Toxicity evaluation of Ethanolic Extract of Astercantha longifolia Seeds

Hygeia.J.D.Med. 2013; 5(1):152-163

Rajina PV1 and Shini Dominic 2*

1. Crescent College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kannur, Kerala, India 670358
2. Govt. Medical College Kozhikode, Kerala, India.673008.
Article history: Received: 17 January 2013,  revised: 24 February 2013, accepted: 5 March 2013, Available online: 3 April 2013



Plan: To verify the    toxic effects of the ethanolic extract of Asteracantha Longifolia seeds after single and repeated administration

Prologue: Usually traditional medicines are not subjected to routine toxicological studies. As a result many adverse effects caused by the chronic use of herbal medicines may be wrongly attributed to certain acute or chronic diseases Though Asteracantha longifolia seeds are traditionally y used for the treatment of sexual debility, premature ejaculationand oligospermia,  there is no evidence about its  toxicity.

MethodologyAcute Toxicity of the plant extract was carried out as per the OECD guideline 425. Sub acute toxicity study of 28 day duration was carried out in three different doses of 100 mg/kg, 250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg orally.

          Outcome: No significant variation in hematologic and biochemical parameters and in relative organ weight with doses of 100, 250 and500mg/kg body weight. Histopathology showed the presence of slight necrosis in seminiferous tubules at dose of 500mg/kg. It may be concluded that the alcoholic extract of Asteracantha longifolia seeds is safe for oral administration at low and moderate doses while high dose(500 mg/kg) is not absolutely free from toxic effects.

Key words: Asteracantha longifolia, acute toxicity, Subacute Toxicity.


Rajina PV,Shini Dominic. Toxicity evaluation of Ethanolic Extract of Asteracantha longifolia Seeds .Hygeia.J.D.Med. 2013; 5(1):152-163.  Available at http://www.hygeiajournal.com/Article ID- Hygeia.J.D.Med/101/13



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      Asteracantha longifolia


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