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Anti-depressant activity of Pyrimidine derivatives in mice

Hygeia.J.D.Med2013; 5(1):129-134

Sindhu T, Mamatha A, Sahith Reddy K, Venkateshwarlu K*

Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Kishanpura, Hanamkonda, Warangal 506001, A.P. India.


Article history: Received: 27 December 2012,   revised: 11 January 2013, accepted:4 February 2013, Available online: 3 April 2013



Plan: Depression is a common chronic recurrent syndrome, characterised by apathy, loss of energy, retardation of thinking and activity, as well as profound feelings of gloominess, despair and suicidal ideation. The present study refers to the anti-depressant activity of pyrimidine derivatives.

Methodology: Anti-depressant activity was evaluated by using forced swim test and tail suspension test in mice. The behavioural parameter observed in this test was immobility period, which is indicative of anti-depressant effect of the compounds.

Outcome: Test compounds 1b and 1c (15mg & 30mg) were effective and significant reduction in immobility period was observed when compared to standard drug Fluoxetine (20mg/kg) without any accompanying changes in the ambulation in open field test. These results indicate that the pyrimidine derivatives 1b and 1c are potential compounds for use in the designing of new candidates for the treatment of depression.

Key words: Anti-depressant activity, Pyrimidine derivatives, Forced swim test, Tail suspension test.


Sindhu T, Mamatha A, Sahith Reddy K, Venkateshwarlu K. Anti-depressant activity of Pyrimidine derivatives in mice  . Hygeia.J.D.Med.2013; 5(1):129-134.  Available at http://www.hygeiajournal.com / Article ID- Hygeia.J.D.Med/97/13


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