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Herb- Drug Interactions: A Review

Anusha S. Thomas1 ⃰, Prakash Varughese2,Annie Shirwaikar3, Arun Shirwaikar3

1. Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University,Manipal, India,
2. Lockheed-Martin, Georgia, USA,
3. College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University,Ajman, UAE

Article history: Received: 24 June 2012,   revised: 19 August 2012, accepted:30 August2012, Available online:10 October 2012



Herbal drugs are exempt from Food and Drug Administration regulations regarding efficacy and safety.Their potential of interaction with conventional prescription drugs is a matter of great concern. This paper reviews the reported herb- drug interactions among the most commonly used and top selling herbs in the U.S.


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Hygeia.J.D.Med. Vol.4 (2),Oct. 2012
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