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Simultaneous estimation of Azithromycin and Cefixime in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Pharmaceutical dosage forms by Spectrophotometry

Narendra Nyola1* and Govinda SamyJeyabalan2

1.Departmentof Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shridhar University, Pilani, Rajasthan, India.

2.AnalyticalChemistry Research Laboratory, Alwar Pharmacy College, Alwar, Rajasthan, India.

 Articlehistory: Received: 12 May 2012,  revised: 11July 2012, accepted: 2 August 2012, Available online:10October 2012



Plan:An analytical method for estimation of Azithromycinand Cefixime in bulk and tablet formulation.

Methodology:  A rapid, sensitive and specificuv-vis method was developed and validated for the estimation of Azithromycin andCefixime in tablet dosage form. The method was validated in terms of linearity,accuracy, precision, specificity, limit of detection and limit of quantitation.Theoptimum conditions for the analysis of the drug were established. The maximumwavelength (λ max) of Azithromycin andCefixime were found to be 235 nm and 288nm respectively. The percentagerecovery of Azithromycin and Cefixime were 100.28-100.33and 99.68-100.29 respectively. Beer’s law were obeyed in the concentrationrange of 10-50μg/ml for Azithromycin and 2-10µg/ml for Cefixime. The linear equation for AzithromycinandCefixime were found to be y = 0.0187x - 0.0143, r² =0.9996 and y = 0.0917x + 0.026, r² = 0.9985 respectively.Validation was performed as ICHguidelines for linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD and LOQ.

Outcome: The proposed method wassuccessfully applied for the quantitative determination of Azithromycin and Cefixime in tablet dosage form.

KeyWords: Azithromycin, Cefixime, Simultaneous estimation             

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Hygeia.J.D.Med. Vol.4 (2), Oct. 2012


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