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Evaluation of the Antibacterial activity of Cocculus hirsutus

Hygeia.JD.Med.Vol.3 (2),Oct.2011-March 2012,26-31.


Articletitle: Evaluation of the Antibacterial activity of Cocculushirsutus

Authors: Abiramasundari.P, Priya.V, Jeyanthi.G.P, and Gayathri Devi. S*

Department of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Avinashilingam Universityfor Women, Coimbatore-641 043.


Article history: Received: 02 April,2011, revised: 10June2011, accepted: 2August 2011, Availableonline: 1 October 2011



  Herbalproducts prepared either from single or multiple botanical ingredients areusually complex and variable in nature. Undoubtedly, the plant kingdom stillholds many species of plants containing substances of medicinal value that haveyet to be discovered. For this reason, Cocculushirsutus (L.) a medicinal plant belonging to family Menispermaceae, theperennial climber was selected for the present study. The study was formulatedwith the objective to assess the antibacterial activity of Cocculus hirsutus.The leaves stem and the root of Cocculus hirsutus were extracted with solventsnamely petroleum ether, chloroform, benzene, acetone, methanol and water forthe determination of antibacterial activity. The chance to find antibacterialactivity was more apparent in methanol and acetone extracts than the otherextracts. The benzene and methanol extracts of Cocculus hirsutus leaves haveshown strong antibacterial activity against all the organisms tested. The zoneof inhibition ranged from 8-16 mm. The petroleum ether, acetone and methanolextracts of Cocculus hirsutus stem have shown pronounced antibacterial activityagainst all the microorganisms tested. Zones diameter ranged from 9-21 mm. Based on the results, it can beconcluded that the Cocculus hirsutus plant extracts have great potential asantimicrobial components against microorganisms and they can be used in thetreatment of infectious diseases caused by resistant microorganisms.

Keywords: Medicinal plants, Antibacterialactivity, well diffusion method, Cocculus hirsutus, MIC, MBC.


Article Out line 


2.Materials and methods

3.Antibacterial activity

4. Result s and discussion

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AbiramasundariP, Priya V, Jeyanthi GPGayathriDevi S, H .J.D.Med. Vol. 3(2), October, 2011, pp 26-31.

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