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Anthelmintic activity of Neolamarckia cadamba barks

Hygeia.JD.Med.Vol.3 (2),Oct.2011-March 2012,16-18.

Article title: Anthelmintic activity of Neolamarckiacadamba barks

Authors: S. Mondal*, H. Ramana and P. Suresh.

 Institute of Pharmacy, GITAM University,Visakhapatnam, A.P., India


Articlehistory: Received: 02 April, 2011, revised: 20 August, accepted: 10 September2011,Available online: 1 October 2011



Present study reports anthelmintic activity of various extracts of the bark of Neolamarckiacadamba (Roxb.) Bosser (Family: Rubiaceae) against Indianearthworms Pheritima posthuma. The results revealed that that allthe tested extracts of N. cadambabark possess anthelmintic activity in adose dependant manner. The activities were comparable with the referencedrug Piperazine citrate. Among the testedextracts, the chloroform extract and pet-ether extract were found to possesspromising anthelmintic activity in comparison to other extracts. The presentstudy therefore justifies its use in the folklore remedies as an anthelminticdrug of natural origin.


Keywords: Neolamarckia cadamba; Anthelmintic; Pheritima posthuma; Piperazine citrate.

Article outline


2.Materials and methods 

3.Anthelmintic activity

4. results and discussion

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S.Mondal, H.Ramana, and P.Suresh, H.J.D.Med. Vol 3 (2), 2011, pp.16-18.

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