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Synthesis and Analgesic activity studies of Simple new Aspirin Enkephalin analogues

Hygeia.JD.Med.Vol.3(2),Oct.2011-March 2012.1-15.

Article Title: Synthesis andAnalgesic activity studies of Simple new Aspirin Enkephalin analogues

Authors: Balamani1* & M. Sekar2

1. Post Graduate and ResearchDepartment of Chemistry, Kongunadu Arts and    Sciences College,Coimbatore-641 029, India.     

2. Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry, SriRamakrishna Mission, Vidyalaya College of Arts and    

   Science, Coimbatore-641 020 India.   

Article history: Received: 02October, 2010,

Revised: 27 November, 2010,

Accepted: 23 July, 2011,

Available online: 01 October2011


    Aspirinamino acid amides 1(a-f), Aspirin dipeptide amides 2(a-f). tri peptide amides 3(a-f) and tetra peptide amides 4a and 4c were Synthesized. The synthesis ofdipeptide amides were carried out in solution by stepwise elongation of thepeptide chain from the C-terminal amino acid by coupling one amino acid at atime using DCC/HOBt method. The analgesic activity was studied by acetic acidinduced writhing test. From the mean writhing values, it is evident that theentire sequence of the tetrapeptideamide namely, Gly-Gly-Phe-Met-NH2 isessential for the observed analgesic activity of compound A. And, the entiresequence of the tetra peptide amide namely, Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-NH2 isessential for the observed analgesic activity of compound C. The decrease inanalgesic activity of these compounds is in the order, aspirin tripepitideamides > aspirin dipeptide amides > aspirin amino acid amides.

Keywords: Aspirin,analgesic activity, amino acid amide, di, tri, and tetra peptides

Article out line 


2.Scheme of synthesis

3.Analgesic activity(Acetic acid induced writhing test ) 

4.Results and discussion


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J. Balamani &M.Sekar, H.J.D.Med. Vol. 3 (2), 2011, pp.1-15.

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