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Hygeia J. D. MedVol.3 (1) April 2011- September 2011, 64-70.

Type of Article: Researcharticle


Bindu Madhavi B1*, Zulkar Nain Kamal MD2, Kusum B2, Srikanth V2, RamalingamR1, Vinod KR2, Ravinder Nath A1 and David Banji 2.


            1. Department of Pharmacy, Facultyof Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP.

            2. Department of pharmaceuticalsciences, Nalanda College of Pharmacy, Cherlapalli, Nalgonda, AP.

Article history:

Received: 22 July, 2010, revised: 20 December, 2010, accepted: 18 January, 2011,Available online: 14 April 2011


  Venlafaxine HCl is the freely water solubledrug with antidepressant activity. It is available in a dose of 25mg-45mg.Being highly soluble drug there is possibility of burst effect which causessudden peak levels of drug in blood. It is having many side effects and with ahalf life around 5 hours. To reduce the adverse effects due to burst effect andto have the sustain action of the drug we have prepared the ethyl cellulosemicrospheres of the drug. The microspheres were prepared by the emulsification andsolvent evaporation method. The prepared microspheres were evaluated mainly forthe sustain release of the drug and then the anti depressant activity in albinomice apart from the other tests like % drug encapsulation, particle size anddrug polymer compatibility by the FTIR studies. The method had resulted in goodencapsulation efficiency and micron sized ethyl cellulose spheres. The drugrelease was found to be sustained for 16 hours and was found to follow thePeppas kinetics.

Key words:Venlafaxine HCl, anti depressantactivity, ethyl cellulose microspheres, sustain release dosage forms.

Article outline

1.       Introduction

2.      Materials and methods

3.      Preparation of microspheres and Determination of micromeritic properties

4.        Anti depressant activity

Microphotograph of  Venlafaxine- ethyl cellulose microsphere                                                                                                                                               


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