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Hygeia J. D. MedVol.3 (1) April 2011- September 2011, 46-49.

Type of Article: Research article

S.Kannan1*,B.Parimala devi2, B.Jayakar3

1. Department of Pharmacognosy, Smt.Sarojini RamulammaCollege of Pharmacy, Sheshadrinagar, Mahabubnagar Andrapradesh,

    India, 509 001.

2. Department of Pharmacy, School of Chemical &Biotechnology, SASTRA UNIVERSITY, Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur,   

    Tamilnadu,India – 613 402.

3. Department of Pharmacognosy, Vinayaka MissionsCollege of Pharmacy, Yercaud Main Road, Kondappanaickenpatty,

    Salem,Tamilnadu, India, 636 008,



 Article history:

 Received: 20 October, 2010,

 revised: 18December, 2010, 

accepted: 25 January,2011, 

Available online: 14 April 2011


  In thepresent study methanolic from the leaves of Passifloraedulis for finding potential antibacterial activity. Which were comparedwith the standard ciprofloxacin 5µg/disc. The invitro antibacterial studyefficacy of the methanolic extract was tested against Gram positive bacteriaviz., Staphylococcus aureus (NCL2079), Staphylococcus faecalis (NCL2080),  Bacillus subtilis (NCL 2063) and Gramnegative bacteria viz., E.coli (NCL2065), Proteus vulgaris (NCL 2027), Salmonella typhi (NCL 2023) by discdiffusion method. The methanolic extract showed promising activity against Bacillus subtilis and E.coli.

Key words: Passiflora edulis, Ciprofloxacin, Antibacterial, andMethanolic extract.

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