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Hygeia J. D. MedVol.3 (1) April 2011- September 2011, 20-28.

Type of Article: Research review

Kishore Kumar. P, Raju A. B.

St.Peters Institute ofPharmaceutical Sciences, Hanamkonda, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh,India-506001.

Article history: Received: 03 February2011, revised: 25February, 2011, accepted: 3 March, 2011, Availableonline: 14 April 2011

  Spermatogenesis is a complex process that involves stem-cell renewal, genome reorganization and genome repackaging, and that culminates in the production of motile gametes. Problemsat all stages of spermatogenesis contribute to human infertility. Male infertility, is characterizedby hypogonadism, decreased semen quality or ejaculatory dysfunction, accountsfor approximately 20% of infertility cases. The main cause for infertilityapoptosis. Apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death in contrastto necrosis, which represents "accidental cell death," plays animportant role in spermatogenesis.
excessive alcohol intake resultedin Leydig cell apoptosis, while cocaine resulted in mitochondrial apoptosis, excessive alcohol intake resultedin Leydig cell apoptosis, while cocaine resulted in mitochondrial apoptosis. Men with severe oligozoospermialess than 1 to 5 x 106 sperm/ml are considered as a maleinfertility by diagnosis. Studieson male infertility,potentially opening the door for treatment advances for improving spermatogenesis. Newer techniques like sperm retrieval and VE modifications are promising and becoming increasingly more  popular
for the estimation of damage ofcertain DNA is responsible for male infertility.

Keywords: Male Infertility, Diabetes, SpermDNA, Impotence.

Article outline

1. Infertility

2.Causes of Infertility

3.Diagnosis of Infertility in male

4. Prevention of male infertility

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