Hygeia.J.D.Med.6(2) October 2014 - March 2015

Hygeia::Journal for drugs and medicines


Hygeia journal for drugs and medicines' is a half yearly international peer reviewed, open access journal specifically intended to publish papers concerning  various aspects of Pharmaceutical sciences like Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Natural Products, Pharmacology and therapeutics, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacobioinformatics,  Bio pharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutics,Formulation technologiesPharmaceutical-analysis, Drug design, Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs, Pharmaceutical Biology and other related fields. Original , informative and scientific research and review articles are invited for publication in the journal. 


Contributions must be original and submitted as full papers, short communications, review articles, scientific correspondence or as research news.Manuscript in English should be submitted to the Editor by e-mail or to be uploaded in the website through manuscript submission page . Manuscript should be typewritten, strictly following the “Instructions to authors” which is being published in Hygeia journalIn any case the decision to accept the contribution rests with the editors to make alternations in the text of contributions if they are not confirmed with accepted scientific standards or if they are too repetitive. All contributions must include a brief and clear title, initials of forename, surname and address of each author. Authors are requested to submit the manuscript through hygeiajournal@gmail.com

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Hygeia was the Greek goddess of health and she was worshiped in connection with Aesculapius, her father, the god of medicine and health. She is said to be again, the granddaughter of the God, Apollo. She is also the sister of  Panakeia or Panacea (means all-cures) Akeso (Goddess of Healing), and also (which means Remedies). Hygeia is usually depicted as a young woman, who holds a sacred snake (symbolizes resurrection), which is often combined with the rod of Asclepius to form the cadacus, or symbol of medicine.Often this snake is portrayed as drinking from a cup (symbolizing medicine), which has become known as the Pharmacist's bowl. Originally, she was the guardian of physical health and later became the goddess of mental health, as well. Eventually, she became a protectress against various kinds of danger, an attribute which she shared with Aesculapius. It is from Hygeia, the word hygiene originates. Hygiene is the science of preserving health. The subject of hygiene includes all of the agencies affecting the physical and mental well being of people. In its public aspects, it is concerned with soil; climate; character; materials and arrangement of dwellings; heating and ventilation; removal of wastes; medical knowledge on the incidence and prevention of disease; and the disposal of the dead.


Hygeia .J.D.Med.

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Hygeia .J.D.Med. vol.6(2) October 2014 is available online now

Hygeia .J.D.Med.

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Hygeia .J.D.Med.

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Hygeia J. D. Med.


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